Western Music Time (5 June – 9 June 2019),The best of Classic Western And Western Swing

western music time - DJ O.J Sikes
western music time - DJ O.J Sikes

Opening theme
Steel Guitar Rag – Noel Boggs (fea with Spade Cooley’s band)
Music from the Films of Roy, Gene, Tex & the Sons of the Pioneers in 1938 : Part 1
Film: Cattle Raiders (Charles Starrett) – Feb 1938
Devil’s Great Grandson – Sons of the Pioneers
This Ain’t the Same Old Range – Sons of the Pioneers
Welcome to the Spring – Sons of the Pioneers
Happy Cowboy – Sons of the Pioneers
Film: Under Western Stars – April
Send My Mail to the County Jail – Roy Rogers & Smiley Burnette
That Pioneer Mother of Mine – Roy Rogers
Dust – Roy Rogers
Rhythm of the Range – Roy Rogers
When a Cowboy Sings a Song – Roy Rogers
Film: Call of the Rockies (Starrett) – April
A Cowboy Has to Sing – Sons of the Pioneers
Following the Sun All Day – Sons of the Pioneers
The Hangin’ Blues – Sons of the Pioneers
A No-Good Son-of-a-Gun – Sons of the Pioneers
Wind – Sons of the Pioneers
Film: Law of the Plains (Starrett) – May
Sunset on the Trail – Sons of the Pioneers
Swing Ding – The Farr Bros
Film: West of Cheyenne (Starrett) – June
Night Falls on the Prairie – Sons of the Pioneers
Matilda Waltzes On – Smoky Dawson
The Ranch House Romp – Ray Whitley
Film: Gold Mine in the Sky (Autry) – July
There’s a Gold Mine in the Sky – Gene Autry
Dude Ranch Cowhands – Gene Autry & Smiley Burnette
As Long as I Have My Horse – Gene Autry
Film: South of Arizona (Starrett) – July
When Payday Rolls Around – Sons of the Pioneers
Saddle Your Worries to the Wind – Sons of the Pioneers
Man From Music Mountain (Autry)– August
Little Deserted Town – Johnny Marvin
I’m Beginning to Care – Gene Autry
Good-bye Pinto – Gene Autry
Film: The Colorado Trail (Starrett) – Sept
Cottage in the Clouds – Sons of the Pioneers
Lone Buckaroo – Sons of the Pioneers
Bound for the Rio Grande – Sons of the Pioneers
Film: Starlight Over Texas (Ritter)- Sept
Viva Tequila – Tex Riter
Film: Billy the Kid Returns (Rogers) – Sept
Born to the Saddle – Roy Rogers
Sing a Little Song about Anything – Roy Rogers and Smiley Burnette
When the Sun is Setting on the Prairie – Roy Rogers
When I Camped Under the Stars – Roy Rogers
Film: Prairie Moon (Autry)– October
Rhythm of the Hoofbeats – Gene Autry
Plain Talkin’ Man from the West – Rusty Spurs
Coon Creek Shuffle – Leon McAuliffe
I Rode in as A Stranger – Lynn Anderson
Closing theme