Tom Swearingen – Language Of The Land. Review CD By Rick Huff

Tom Swearingen - Language Of The Land (Cover CD )
Tom Swearingen - Language Of The Land (Cover CD )

Tom Swearingen
Language Of The Land

Tom Swearingen
Tom Swearingen

Captured here for your enjoyment is another of the live performances from the Oregon cowboy poet Tom Swearingen. In his latest release, Swearingen again shows his preference for gettin’ in and out quickly in verse, as most of the works make it in under the two-minute buzzer! Present also is Swearingen’s believable, authentic style of presentation.

Collection picks this time include the title track “Language Of The Land” (one of the better descriptions of ‘range reading’ I’ve heard), “Ropin’ Mama’s Llama” (a yarn concerning his wife’s four-footed yarn supply), “Keep ‘Em Movin’ Slow Parts 1 & 2” (Part 1 is driving the herd into weather and Part 2 is driving them out…only fair), “Oh No You Don’t” (words of advice to a fleeing calf from his pursuer), “In The Shadow Of The Treeline” (a little cattle what-done-it) “Folks Who Do Know Horses” (why they will snow-roll…the horses, not the folks) and “Cowgirl From Nantucket” (talk about your real ‘me too movement’)! The album closes with one of those mysterious (to me) “Bonus Tracks:” Bruce Kiskaddon’s “The Gentle Hoss.” Sixteen tracks. Recommended.

CD: $15 + s/h through and downloads through iTunes, Spotify, cdbaby and others.

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Track List

Language Of The Land
Ropin’ Mama’s Llama
Keep ’em Moving Slow – Part 1 – Coming Storm
Keep ’em Moving Slow – Part 2 – Next Morning
Oh No You Don’t!
In The Shadow Of Tree Line
Folks Who Do Know Horses
Bombproof Pinto Mare
Only Place For Me
A Few Lines For Oregon
Cowgirl From Nantucket
St. Paul Rodeo
History And Pride
The Gentle Hoss