Swinging Country May 11, 2019 (The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

Swinging Country,DJ Billy Bowles
Swinging Country,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Friends & Fans I am Super Excited about this weeks program. I’ll start it Swinging with The New San Antonio Rose Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys followed by Bob’s Got A Swing Band in Heaven Red Steagall. In remembrance of The King of Western Swing. Bob’s Death was 44 Years ago Monday May 13.
From there a Double from this weeks Spotlight Featured Artist Moe Bandy followed by a Visit with Moe he will be Headlining Next Saturday Night @ Becky Justice Ford’s Coyote Country Store Gail Texas. After the visit another Double shot from Moe. Then the MOTHER of Mothers Day Specials begins.
WARNING PREPAIR FOR AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!! As the Music Songs and Recitations takes your mind and memories to many places of many people along the way. Every emotion known should be touched along the way. If not I Strongly Suggest seeking Professional Mental Health Care and Spiritual Counseling!!! You will hear tunes from Kenneth Goldsmith, Penny Gilley Stanglin, Cathy Whitten, Kerry Wallace, Charlie Louvin, Kitty Wells, Porter Wagner, Leona B Williams, Merle Haggard, Kimberly Manning, Randy Travis, Jimmy Burson, Jimmy Dean, Melba Montgomery, Bryant Oden, Willie P. Richardson – David D. Stallings, Hank Williams Sr. Elizabeth-Justin Trevino, George Jones, Tom Smith,Sam Fore, Booger Swamp Rhythm Section, Jerry Croston.
Twenty Three Songs, Ditty’s & Recitations After the Show is Over there will be a Post on My Personal Timeline Billy Bowles for You to VOTE on the ONE that somehow Touched You the Most! There will be podcast to listen to KSSL website YouTube and later When The Cowboy Sings Miguel Angel Diaz Gonzalez
in case you need to listen again or miss the Broadcast. Voting starts as soon as The post goes up. Closes @ 8:AM Tuesday May 14. Vote 1 Time Votes open to every one I will announce the Winner next Swinging Country May 18. The Idea to Vote on this was the Brain Child of Hd Ainsworth Friend and Fellow Disc Jockey from KBEF Minden Louisiana If you the Audience responds well it may become a Tradition! It’s up to you.
Please feel free to share this post as you wish. And follow along as you listen to the Show on SWING – BACK located on my time line comment and watch as the Show plays out Till then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—