Swinging Country June 29, 2019 (The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country

Swinging Country June 22, 2019
Swinging Country June 22, 2019

Howdy Friends Let’s Swing out with Garry Ash! A Thanks to Gilbert Prather & Brady Bowen for joining me last week for The World Radio Premiere of Gils New release Reflections of A Shady Past CD!!! WOW Response still coming in a Lot of New Listeners now aboard and New Friends!!! Thank you and Welcome! Join those who tell me listening to Swinging Country is Habit forming! There are much worse habits LOL. A fellow Award Winning Disc Jockey Sean Hickey planted an idea in my head with one of his post for a portion of this weeks playlist so thanks you Western Red of ifthatain’tcountry Radio show. Next up is my friend the late great Curtis Potter & Darrell McCall with a Dancehall favorite followed by Merle Haggard, George Strait with Dancehall Favorites. Then next up is Dance tunes that Always Fill the Dance Floor from my own observation and participation! Bobby Flores, Coby Carter, A Double from Al Dean, then Hoyle Nix. ALL the previous songs lead to explanations from Sonny Burgess, A Duo from Dale Watson & Texas Dancehall Legend Johnny Bush, Gary P Gary P. Nunn. Then a Double from Kenneth Goldsmith. An Award winning Original from Ron Christopher. Next up a Double from Kim W. Blakey, one from Tommy Hooker, Kristi Kalyn, Craig Murphy, Will Banister.
Then this weeks Spotlight Featured Artist T Graham Brown with a Visit and a couple more! He will be @ Becky Justice Ford’s Legendary Coyote Country Store July 5 FREE Admission!!! $10.00 Cooler fee! $2.00 Hot Dogs! $5.00 Hamburgers!!! Listen for ALL Details! Next hear from Jo-el Ulmer & LeAnne Smith Ulmer = 2 Country 4 Nashville, Jody Nix, David Ball.
Next a Song I am Honored to play while Swinging Country is Not a political show I DO NOT Shy away from my Beliefs, Convictions, Country or Faith! I’ll spin a New one from Perley Curtis written by Lonnie Ratliff.
Closing out with Instrumental Music from Charlie O’Bannon, Dave Alexander, Bobby Flores. As always I encourage you to have pen and paper ready! Often Needed in Radio 🙂 And I invite you to invite your friends to listen as we keep spreading the Word REAL Traditional Country Music Western Swing Country Gospel and Western Music is very much Alive and well. Join us during the Show on My Personal Facebook timeline For SWING – BACK as you listen to the show Watch and Chat with Fans World Wide! Till then May God Bless You & Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—