Swinging Country June 09, 2019 (The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country

Swinging Country June 08, 2019
Swinging Country June 08, 2019

Howdy everyone kicking off this week with Randy Tex Hill & The Oregon Valley Boys. I want to Welcome Randy back to Texas he and his wife have just moved to Austin. I met Randy in Auburn Washington where we were both inducted into the Northwest Western Swing Music Society in 2014 it was there I also met and befriended Lou & Ed Bischoff. I think every one considered Lou the Matriarch for The NWWSMS. She had to take a picture of me and every woman I danced with out there. And just about every Holiday Birthday etc. Would mail me a greeting card. Lou passed away May 29 and will be forever missed and remembered by ALL in The Western Swing Family who knew her. While there I also finally Met Sharyn Lee & her Husband Lew Packwood now Deceased. I’ll spin one from Sharyn Lee & The Sundowners Band members include Dave Wheeler, Jerry Seitz. Every one in Washington made me feel so Welcome made a lot of Life Long Friends while there. Next a couple of Tunes to Commemorate the 75 Anniversary of D Day one from Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys followed by one from Sonny James. A Double from Kenneth Goldsmith of Mudrock & Mudsmith. Then Artist coming Becky Justice Ford’s Coyote Country Store in Gail, TX The Bellamy Brothers, David Ball, Jody Nix, followed by Artist whos Music you can purchase @ Greg Irvin’s I2I Records Cathy Whitten, Will Banister, 2 Country 4 Nashville Jo-el Ulmer & LeAnne Smith Ulmer.
Next the Spotlight is on Gloria Miers Productions & Melinda Joy Miers 32nd Annual Legends of Western Swing in Wichita Falls, TX June 20 – 22nd. I am again spinning the whole line up. Erik Gordon Swanson & Shoot Low Sheriff, Jody Nix and The Texas Cowboys, Jake Hooker & The Outsiders, Coby Carter, Dave Alexander, Billy Mata & Texas Tradition, Bobby Flores And The Yellow Rose Band, Jeff Woolsey & The Dancehall Kings, Jason Roberts.
Next something Special I’ve wanted to do for a while I am calling it a Family Affair in Appreciation and recognition of a Family full of Country Music Talent!!! Country Music Royalty in my opinion starts with Darrell McCall, Mona Vary Mccall, Guyanne McCall Dannheim, Diane Mccall, Dee Jee Overbey aka Donna Overbey then Dee Jee’s Daughter Amber Digby.
Next is a Wedding type song from Buddy Davis, Then we Get Western A Double from Judy James, one from Donnie Poindexter and one from Olivia Morgayne with Hailey Sandoz & Kristyn Harris.
As always feel free to share away with this post and turn at least one more person on to Swinging Country they just might appreciate you for that 🙂 May God Bless You & Yours! Keep Swinging Country—