Swingin’ West April 14, 2019 (Western Swing Versions of Glenn Miller, Merle Haggard and Nat King Cole)

Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross
Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross

Western Swing Versions of Glenn Miller, Merle Haggard and Nat King Cole

Theme- Nat King Cole Memories
Route 66- Oklahoma Stomp (CD- On the Road)
Straighten up and Fly Right- Carolyn Martin (Java Jive) (CD- Cookin’ With Carolyn)
Caravan- Time Jumpers (Crosswind) (2CD- Jumpin’ Time)

Texas Dance Hall Time- Merle Haggard Memories
Bottle Let Me Down- Mike O’Daniel (Patriot) (CD- Mike O’Daniel Volume 1)
Swingin’ Doors- Steve Alcott (Vocal- Thirsty Dave Hansen) (CD- Texas Dance Hall Classics III)
Today I Started Loving You Again- Ray Sanders (Hillside) (CD- Funny How Time Slips Away)

Theme- Glenn Miller Memories
I Know Why and So Do You- Pete Riley & The Lavernes (UK Import) (CD- Words So Sweet)
Serenade in Blue- Bobby Black (PSG Products) (CD- California Freedom)
Along the Santa Fe Trail- Cross Town Cowboys (Western Heritage) (CD- Save the West)

Western Concert- Western Music Around the World
Mocking Bird Yodel- Corinna Cordwell (Dino) (Australian Import) (CD- Greatest Yodeling Hits)
My Old Canadian Home- Eli Barsi (Vibrillium) (Canadian Import) (CD- Darn Hard to Tame)
Cowboy Hula- Nani Lim Yap (Na Mele O Paniolo) (Warner Brothers) (CD- Songs of the Hawaiian Cowboy)

Theme- More Nat King Cole Memories
Pretend- Dennis Ivey (IMG) (CD- Something Old, Nothing New)
Always- The Nashville Swing Band Under Dir Buddy Spicher (Vocal- Pam Tillis & Matt Spicher) (Sec Ter) (CD- Swing Time)
Faded Love- Bob Wills (Longhorn) (Bear Family) (German Import) (13CD 1DVD Set- Faded Love 1947-1973)