Panhandle Cowboys – Bits & Pieces. Review CD By Rick Huff

Panhandle Cowboys - Bits & Pieces ( Cover CD )
Panhandle Cowboys - Bits & Pieces ( Cover CD )

Panhandle Cowboys
Bits & Pieces

Panhandle Cowboys
Panhandle Cowboys

For those not immediately familiar with this duo, it consists of Farmer Dave Fulfs (singer, composer & lyricist) and poet J. B. Barber. Farmer Dave possesses a tender tenor voice that evokes those of balladeers such as Burl Ives or Doc Watson. Barber is one of the poets who likes to use a more matter of fact delivery, choosing to let the words take care of themselves.

“Bits & Pieces” is certainly one of the pair’s best efforts to date, both technically and artistically. Picks include the collaborative performance of “Just A Cowboy,” J. B. Barber’s poems “The Range War” with its twist ending and “A Pig You Say,” one of those he’ll-never-live-it-down tales and Fulfs’ new take on the old “Dingus Magee” story. Additional musical support is provided by the project’s producer/recording engineer Paul Ely Smith (banjo, fiddle & bass) and Paul Anders (mandolin and harmonica). By subject matter, The Panhandle Cowboys (from Washington State, incidentally) don’t hold themselves exclusively to the Western trail, but hey! There are trails enough for everyone to ride! Twelve tracks.

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Track List

Yodel N Cowboy
Dingus McGee
Just A Cowboy
Mr Moon
Angel next to you
The Range war
Prairie Rose
Just walk away
A Pig you say ?
Hold on aby
The promise
Old memories