Olivia Morgayne – Friends Become Family . Review CD By Rick Huff

Olivia Morgayne - Friends Become Family(Cover CD)
Olivia Morgayne - Friends Become Family(Cover CD)

Review – Olivia Morgayne
“Friends Become Family”

Well, I’ve finally found one the likes of which I have never before encountered!! Olivia Morgayne’s new release is a star- and star-to-be studded double CD, but that isn’t the unique part.

CD #1 features twenty music tracks and a bunch of past and current IWMA Youth Chapter phenoms: Kristyn Harris, Mikki Daniel, Jeneve Rose Mitchell, Hailey Sandoz, Leah Sawyer, Bill Hobbs and oh-yes Mary Kaye, Belinda Gail, Miss Devon & The Outlaw and The Hanson Family play through as well!! The collection is predominantly classic covers with four Morgayne originals. Throughout you’ll find superior production values, great support vocals and exuberant youth performances.

CD #2 bears the “unique” content. You’ll find valuable mini-workshops from session sax man, Al Regni (“Musical Language Conversation”) and Santos Ramirez (“Latin Percussion Conversation”), plus two funsy bits (Daniel Hanson’s Joke Reel” and “Cattle Call Session For ‘Rawhide’” which is one of the CD tracks. This last one segues into my one criticism. If no one else has an issue with it, okay, but I feel some A & R (Artist & Repertoire) work may be in order for the future. For me, other than coming off as “cute,” Olivia as Dave Stamey’s “Buckaroo Man,” Olivia and Kristyn hee-yawing the herd in “Rawhide,” or altering “El Paso” so Olivia falls in love with a Mexican boy “Felino” just so the song can be included, may stretch credulity for some. But the release is recommended on many levels.
Twenty music tracks and four “specialty” tracks.

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“Shenandoah” as performed by the WMA’s very own Leah Sawyer and Olivia Morgayne.

I hope you enjoy listening to the award winning song "Shenandoah" as performed by the WMA's very own Leah Sawyer and Olivia Morgayne.

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