Cowboy Joe & Trail Jazz – Swingtown. Review CD By Rick Huff

Cowboy Joe & Trail Jazz - Swingtown ( Cover CD )
Cowboy Joe & Trail Jazz - Swingtown ( Cover CD )

Cowboy Joe & Trail Jazz

Here’s the latest in a long string of superior Western Swing offerings from the legendary ‘Cowboy Joe’ Babcock and bandmates! Babcock recorded with the Glaser Brothers, Marty Robbins and others…even Elvis! He famously did house band duties for the TV show Hee-Haw and he wrote one of the most covered Western songs around “Doggone Cowboy!”

On this CD, Joe follows the long Wills tradition of vocally introducing his “set” with a theme song (in this case “Swing On Down To Swingtown”). What follows is a dancer’s dream of boot scooters, swingers, waltzes, shuffles, two-steps…all in the order they oughta be and the effect is perfect Wills as well! “Ah haa…Yehsss!” Along with “Cowboy Joe’ and Carol Babcock, the talented purveyors in Trail Jazz include twin fiddles Jimmy Buchanan and Glen Duncan, guitarists Jimmy Capps and Andy Reiss, bass player Chris Latham, drummer Jerry Johnston, on piano Roger Morris, Doug Jernigan on steel and dobro and other notable guests populate various tracks. Up Western Swing tracks picks include Joe’s famous song-that-paid-for-the-ranch “I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water,” “Back In The Swing Of Things,” “Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Milk Gravy” and “He’s Got A Way With The Women” (and he just got away with mine)! Among the slower tempo picks would be “The World’s Saddest Song,” “Why Did I Ever Leave My Happy Home” and “The Band Has Stopped Playing.” Happily this band will only stop playing when you turn off your player. You may not want to do that!
Sixteen tracks. Highly recommended.

CD: (available for download through all of the major e-outlets and physically available through googling cowboy joe & trail jazz)

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Track List

Swing on Down to Swing Town
Nobody Ever Loved You Like I Do
The Worlds Saddest Song
Back in the Swing of Things
Why Did I Ever Leave My Happy Home
The Band Has Stopped Playing (And Were Still Trying to Dance)
I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water
The Lord Loves Western Swing
Road of No Return
Fried Chicken Mashed Potatoes And Sweet Milk Gravy
He’s Got a Way with the Women
You Make It Easy to Sin
Second Best Solution
If You See My Heart Today
Take Your Troubles All to Jesus
Swing Town Reprise