Baxter Black – A Commotion In Rhyme . Review Book By Rick Huff

Baxter Black - A Commotion In Rhyme(Cover Book)
Baxter Black - A Commotion In Rhyme(Cover Book)

Review – Baxter Black
“A Commotion In Rhyme”
ISBN 987-0-939343-64-5

The southern Arizona sage (he may be a plant) rides again…or make that “rhymes again”…making hay and having his rural say! But, hey! Baxter’s not only The Poetry Man. As his readers know well, he’s also quite the essay vato (bad Spanish pun…don’t sweat it)! In this new sort-of companion volume to 2013’s “Poems Worth Saving” (‘ had to have two books to properly hold up stuff between them), we are again treated to his flagrant goofiness, trips to new places in the Baxtersphere and frequent reality checks. Broken down into 129 bite-size chunks (some of them truly closed circuit wink-winks to his AG folks), the pieces are corralled within chapters entitled “Cloven Joculosity,” “Cowboy Reasoning,” “Rodeo,” “Equinization,” “Cowbiz,” “This Is Dirt,” “Back Porch Scrapbook” and “Seein’ The Horizon From The Saddle.” All are obviously rife with Black Posse-bilities. In fact the chapters are illustrated by a posse of eight cartooning buddies of Baxter’s. If a valid definition (my own) of humor is “sudden unexpected truth,” then know ye that nobody “surprises” you in that manner any better than Baxter Black. Highly recommended. 250 pages hardbound.

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